Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars

Kirsty Lagdon

Kirsty is the Patient Experience and Governance officer and as part of her role, manages the complaints, incident and risk for Surgical Services at The Princess of Wales Hospital.

Kirsty is an outstanding member of the Patient Experience & Governance team with unique style and enthusiasm. Kirsty shows professionalism, encouraging her colleagues to ask questions and become immersed in their complaints, incidents and risk.
Kirsty leaves a lasting impression on every patient she meets, whether they have raised a complaint with her or not. She really is an extraordinary, kind and caring person.

I am pleased to nominate Kirsty for this award. I have had the pleasure of working with her for over 5 years. I find her dependable, efficient and unfailingly punctual. Kirsty gives a huge amount of attention to detail, her willingness to take on any task that is proposed to her without hesitation and to see them through to successful completion.

Kirsty offers a warm, cheerful and sympathetic attitude when discussing concerns with complainants. I have seen her resolve conflicts and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. Kirsty deals with each complaint, treating them as individuals, demonstrating kindness, empathy and compassion. No request is ever above her ability and Kirsty will strive to resolve any matters that are thrown at her.

Kirsty has shown such dedication to her surgical colleagues, compliments are returned to myself as her manager on her performance on a regular basis. When requested by the directorate to change an approach, Kirsty is always willing and open to listen to suggestions. These are taken on board and Kirsty adapts the way in which she is working. She has built relationships that I know she is very proud of not just at POW but throughout the Health Board. Building these relationships was not an easy task. Previously some of the clinicians had a negative experience dealing with incidents and complaints. Kirsty has changed the mind set of these clinicians, building links and showing them that she will work alongside the collaboratively, not letting them down and for that I know she is very proud.

One of Kirsty’s main priorities and dedication is to improve services for Welsh Speakers at the Princess of Wales. She regularly attends the Welsh Strategy Board meetings and contributes well to this. Kirsty has recently collated a list of welsh speaking staff at POW and invited them to begin a Welsh Language group. The aim of this group is contributory ideas from its members or suggestions on improving services for welsh speakers. Kirsty is very keen to offer services in both English and Welsh for our patients and families.   

Finally, Kirsty deserves to be nominated for this category as she embodies the values of this Health Board.

She treats others as she would like to be treated, and always reflects on how she would feel if she was a complainant having the experience that they are having. She speaks up when she identifies unsafe practice and treats others with dignity and respect. Kirsty adapts the way in which she communicates to ensure she communicates effectively with those who are engaging with her. Considers the views of others and listens closely to what is being discussed.

Kirsty is always the first person to hold her hands up to any mistake that she has made and will adapt her work to ensure this never happens again. I feel she deserves this nomination for her dedication to her work and the way, in which she conducts herself proudly as part of this Hospital and Health Board, she is a positive role model.

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