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Geraldine Phillips

The Paediatric Diabetes team currently work across ABMU covering approximately 240 patients with Type 1 Diabetes who require insulin via subcutaneous injection on a daily basis. Many aspects of day to day life of a child and young person affect their diabetes control which requires support, education, guidance and clear management from the paediatric diabetes Multi disciplinary team.

Currently our team is of around 20 people from administrative staff to consultants. Geraldine Phillips has been a part of this ever changing team since 1998. Prior to this Geraldine worked as a paediatric staff nurse in Singleton Hospital; where she always showed a keen interest in Diabetes. 

Geraldine has been an integral part of this team for 20 years in caring for children and young people with Diabetes.  When Geraldine began her journey within the paediatric diabetes speciality there were only a handful of paediatric diabetes nurses across the whole of Wales therefore Geraldine had to learn and develop through working with adult nurses and liaising with colleagues from Carmarthen.

The treatment of diabetes when Geraldine began her role was based on children and young people having to follow a strict diet regime which included portion control and was not flexible for children and families. They would inject mixed insulin twice a day and carry out blood glucose values as and when required. The target for Geraldine was to provide support and advice for these families at home and in school always putting the patient first. When patients attend clinic they would bring a paper diary with their blood result which would then be interpreted.

Over the years and after the results of The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (1993) the diabetes management plan for children changed dramatically over the next 10 years. Geraldine was a part of this and had to change adapt a new of thinking, educating and managing her patients in order to provide the most efficient care. This resulted in up to 4 injections per day, carbohydrate counting and advances in technologies such as insulin pump therapy and continuous blood glucose monitoring. All work is now computer based which Geraldine had to develop and learn.

The insulin pump service within ABMU paediatrics was started by Geraldine in 2007 where she worked with the insulin pump company to develop a training programme and management programme for her patients seeking out support to develop the service to their ability. Since then Geraldine’s has put over 40 patients on insulin pumps and to date overall in ABMU has the biggest caseload of paediatric pump patients.  Across ABMU there are around 10 paediatric patients on pumps.

Geraldine always put patients first and ensures care is the most up to date and provides the best possible outcomes for her patients and their families.  The care Geraldine has provided has been compassionate at all times and has been empathetic to all her families which would have an estimate of around at least 250 over the years she has dedicated to the diabetes service.

Not only has Geraldine provided the best care for her patients but she has been actively involved in ensuring the children with Diabetes within ABMU have been able to attend school and extra curricular activities providing training for these settings to aid the management on a day to day basis. Each patient would have a health care plan in school which involved Geraldine taking time talking and delivering training in schools, colleges and other activity area and working in partnership to develop a management plan that would always be putting the needs of the child first.

Geraldine has been the glue within our team and she is always friendly and helpful to all members of staff. Geraldine has been involved in the training of junior diabetes nurses sharing her skills and knowledge to develop the team.

I am sure the children and young people of ABMU, Swansea and its surrounding areas would want to praise and thank Geraldine for all her hard work and dedication to the care she has provided over the years to such a fantastic standard ensuring she was always at she was the best for every patient and their families.

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