Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars

Sarah Mines, PBM ABMU Training Administrator

  1. Clearly demonstrates ABMU's Values and Behaviours in practice in all that they do

Caring for each other: Sarah demonstrates her caring attitude to others on a daily basis, answering telephone queries, liaising with health trainers and trainers from external organisations and always demonstrates a caring and supportive attitude, helping to problem solve where required. Sarah is the person trainers will go to for advice and Sarah will always go out of her way to support trainers to swap training or to contact trainers to cover training at short notice for example.

Working together: Sarah works together with the training facilitator and those in a leadership role to ensure the training is planned and coordinated and delivered appropriately, contributing to the writing of reports, keeping people on track in relation to actions and ensuring records and documentation is always kept up to date and on hand should they be required. Sarah’s planning skills and organisational skills in developing the training schedules a year in advance and reminding trainers when they are due to train.

Sarah is the first port of call for PBM ABMU and the first person any potential purchasing organisation comes into contact with. Sarah has formed strong relationships over the years with key personnel across many organisations that have purchased the training programme.

 Always improving: Sarah contributes to the development of the training by making suggestions and coming up with ideas on how it can be improved. Sarah was an important part of the team given her wealth of knowledge and experience of PBM ABMU when it gained accreditation status under the British Institute for Learning Disabilities (BILD) Physical intervention training accreditation scheme (PITAS).


  1. Provides evidence of ongoing commitment to the quality of care or service provided, over and above what is expected

Sarah is very passionate and dedicated to PBM ABMU and this is evident when you speak to her. She works extremely flexibly, changing her hours and working way over her hours when required. She’s always in early and leaves late despite being contracted to work 30 hours .

Although Sarah is in a non clinical role she is extremely passionate towards people with a learning disability and the life people should be supported to have, which is one of inclusion and believes in the model of training delivered by PBM ABMU.


  1. Demonstrates evidence of learning from mistakes, quality improvement      projects/activities or simply ongoing daily commitment to patients /      citizens

Sarah’s support was invaluable when PBM ABMU was awarded accreditation status and contributed to meeting the actions identified following accreditation which has been monitored on an annual basis by PITAS.

Sarah has had to manage significant change over the last few years with the organisational restructure within ABMU but has maintained her commitment and passion to ensure the high standards of training delivery is maintained. Sarah has had to get to know different people in senior management roles since the restructure but has taken this in her stride and taking the time to get to know people and demonstrate her role.

Part of Sarah’s work also involves monitoring the use of restrictive practices and she takes great pride in demonstrating through graphical format how restrictive practices have reduced over time across the learning Disability Service of the Delivery Unit.


  1. Provides evidence of impact & improvement in patient experience, clinical      effectiveness or service delivery

Sarah’s dedication, attention to detail, ability to plan and monitor training, follow up on invoices, queries, manage a shared drive to enhance the learning of all trainers provides evidence of the impact and improvements in the delivery of the training. 

Sarah communicates well with all Health trainers in ABMU and key staff from all purchasing organisations on a regular basis, responding to the volume of emails from such a large number of organisations for example in a timely manner is no mean feat, but Sarah has the ability to do this, working a lot of the time on her own, seeking supervision where necessary and using her initiative, liaising with a number of different professionals on a regular basis across a wide number of organisations including the Delivery Unit.

Sarah is well respected across the Learning Disability Services of the Delivery Unit and is a valuable member of a steering group that has recently been established to look at improvements and developing a business model going forward.

Sarah is a non clinician who goes way beyond her role in supporting the PBM ABMU accredited training programme. Sarah is extremely efficient in what she does and is highly thought of due to her expertise and knowledge in relation to PBM ABMU. 

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