Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars

The collective team working on Calon Lan

I wish to nominate the whole of the care team from Calon Lan, including all of the nursing staff, the Doctors and our Dietetic link.

The whole team continually displays an open and honest commitment to the delivery of exceptional quality holistic care to our patient group.

The staff team are all receptive to the fact that our service delivery is dynamic in its service provision, they continually embrace new procedures and approaches to working in substance misuse through various service improvement innovations that allow the service to develop in a forward focused direction.

Each patient that comes into treatment is seen as a valued member of society, who is afforded the same level of respect and dignity as any other person would expect.

Unfortunately our patient group has historically been shunned by society and other professional health providers. The staff team continually evidence a non-judgmental approach to the delivery of quality patient care every day to each person.

On entering Calon Lan each person is welcomed by approachable, warm and dedicated staff members.

Each and every one is seen as an individual with their own specific needs that are individual to them, the staff team actively work alongside each patient in tailoring their plan of care and through collaborative working draw up the persons care plan. All staff members share the same vision in delivering the highest quality care for every day of the week.

The ward team continually receives letters of gratitude from patients and family members for all of the hard work that has been put into the patient’s treatment plan and their stay on the ward.

Patients reflect that they have been treated as an equal and been involved throughout their admission in all aspects of care delivery, this is evidenced through the thank you cards given to the ward.

Team members have taken on board suggestions and ideas from our patient group in addressing short falls in service delivery; this has led to the ward offering a pre-admission clinic for patients to come and view the ward environment and to meet staff members prior to their planned admission, this has proven to worth its weight in gold in reducing patient anxiety levels coming onto the ward. Staff members actively listen to and seek to understand each individual’s priorities and needs.

This approach has evidenced that the staff team are effective in maintaining a seamless transition for the person coming into inpatient services, resulting in a higher percentage of attendance for treatment. This is also reflected through the clinical effectiveness of the service, as well as feedback through patient feedback questionnaires’.

Each member of the team has chosen to work within the field of substance misuse, they have each developed their own knowledge bases to be able to offer sound clinical information and support to patients and their families, (with patient consent) to maximize their individual recovery.

Every member of staff throughout the team demonstrates ABMU’s Values and Behaviors throughout their working day, they remain committed to offering and delivering the highest possible level of care to each person through positive engagement based on warmth, trust and compassion.

The staff team remain focused on the high quality care delivered at Calon Lan, with support and guidance being given to support each person’s recovery. The staff continually display a proven commitment to the ongoing delivery of care by going far beyond the extra mile in their care for people.

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Amy Buckingham 9 months ago

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