Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars

Dr Andar Gunneberg

Dr Gunneberg is a fantastic colleague to work with both in his role in laboratory management and as a clinician.

Dr Gunneberg as Clinical Lead for Laboratory Medicine has striven over the past decade to reconfigure services the ABMU Health Board laboratory service to be more effective and efficient within a co-operative model of integrated Health Care i.e. the NHS as it was originally meant to be.

Like many departments we have experienced a dramatic relative reduction in resources in the wake of austerity. Dr Gunneberg has been keen to make NHS Pathology work efficiently and effectively against this background.

In order to cope with the reduction in resources, we have all under Dr Gunneberg’s impeccable leadership worked hard over the last ten years to combine services within ABMU Laboratory Medicine. This has involved merging the former Departments (Laboratory Haematology and Clinical Biochemistry) and merging of processes across all ABMU Hospital sites. These changes, include the introduction of a “hub and spoke” network of laboratories comprising of a central hub laboratory based at Morriston for routine bulk analysis of specimens and spoke laboratories based at Singleton and Princess of Wales comprising of rapid response laboratories for the analysis of all inpatient and urgent tests. Hand in hand with the integration of the laboratories across ABMU has been the reconfiguration of staffing skill mix where new and old staff are being cross trained to work in all areas of the combined Departments, all these changes have been in line with national recommendations (Carter Report, The Future of Pathology Services in Wales 2008).

The resulting integration and avoidance of duplication and waste has led to significant savings over the years. Now with a single ABMU-wide integrated Pathology service, the cost of Pathology services as a proportion of Health Board spending has dropped from a figure of 1.88% in 2008 to a figure of 1.52%. Thus it is now significantly lower in ABMU than the national average in Wales (1.9%). It is also below the 1.6% “target” set for Pathology services in England.

Dr Gunneberg very effectively chairs and participates in many meetings writing emails and minutes into the small hours of the morning and combines this with his clinical work in out-patients. Most mornings of the week he is working in Lipid or Diabetes clinics again across multiple sites (Bridgend, Morriston, Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthen).

He is a keen supporter of National, Regional and local Initiatives:

    • Health Board rep on National Immunology Programme
    • Health Board rep on All Wales laboratory Information       management System (WLIMS) Board Service Management Board
    • Member of Change Advisory Board WLIMS
    • WLIMS 2 procurement
    • ABMU Information Governance Group
    • Member of Electronic Test Requesting Steering Group
    • Member of Welsh Clinical Portal Steering Group     
    • Member of ABMU Diabetic Services Delivery Group
    • Clinical Lead ABMU POCT
    • Member of ABMU POCT Assurance Group 
    • Acute Kidney Injury champion in ABMU

His patients appreciate him for his listening skills, and detail with which he engages them in understanding and taking ownership as appropriate for their metabolic issues. As a colleague we value his amazing work ethic and ability to consider and respect all points of view. Yet in his unassuming way he has the ability to summarise, communicate and still drive forward rational improvements to our service with deep integrity for the NHS Values.

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