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Marie Williams

Marie Williams is the Lead Nurse for Quality Improvement (QI) within Mental Health and Learning disabilities (MH/LD). She has undertaken work throughout the DU to ensure quality and safety and to improve patient experience in this role since July 2017.

Marie qualified in 1998 in Cardiff as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, working there for a year and then moved to London. She joined Swansea NHS Trust at Cefn Coed Hospital in 2001 and has since worked on a variety of wards/teams across the now ABMUHB.

Management and leadership has always been Marie’s passion, having her first manager role in 2007. Her current role is a leadership one.  She is a caring individual and passionate about nursing. Marie’s personal values fully align with the HB values and this is evident in everything she does.

Marie currently supports clinical areas for QI namely Ysbryd Y Coed (YYC),  2 Community Team’s, Ward F at NPT and other areas as directed by the MH/LD SMT. Marie provides support relating to QI methodology, through supervising QI projects/pieces of work.  Marie also takes the lead for nursing for the DU’s clinical audit and the patient experience for Swansea Locality, whilst taking an active role in the implementation of the Service user and carer strategy in collaboration with other Senior Nurses.

Marie uses a coaching leadership style, empowering others and shows how this has helped her get the best out of them. She works in an open and transparent way, so that others are involved and she is open to feedback, engaging with those around her in order to learn from previous practices for the ongoing improvements to continue and new practices to be embedded. With quality of patient care being core business, Marie leads by example and ensure that there is a zero tolerance approach to poor behaviour, attitudes and/or any unsafe practice.

Marie provides feedback in a constructive way. Marie always offers positives and strengths, identifying good practice examples whilst sharing and learning from others, and moving forward together through learning from these.  Marie has supported the development of forums, where staff are able to share practice and reflection, this has been with the Band 6’s and Band 5’s working within YYC and the community team. The areas of good practice and the sharing of this is then cascaded with the teams. Through this coaching style, and providing space to reflect, lends to a valued staff team with increased moral and satisfaction in what they are doing and achieving. This way, has shown how the changes being made are more likely to be successful and sustained, having a positive impact on individuals, the teams and most importantly the patients in our care. 

Marie has been exploring person centred care as part of her role in YYC, her flexible and open style has been an asset here. In order for this approach to care to be sustainable, this has required the input from all involved working together, as a multi-disciplinary team, with families and carers and the patients themselves. Developing a partnership with staff, patients and families, allows for a co-produced and true person centred approach for patients. Marie carried out a piece of work with the staff on the “triangle of care” assessment (carer involvement) and supported the teams involving families in developing admissions information.

A pilot project was undertaken within Mental Health and Learning Disabilities to recruit bank nursing staff using a Values Based Recruitment (VBR) approach.   Upon the success of the project, Marie has since taken the lead for the DU for embedding VBR in additional to her usual duties.  She had noted that staff who attended the workshop to develop the materials spoke of previous new recruits who appeared to take on roles without fully understanding what is expected of them. How some recruits have the skills, but are not necessarily suited to the philosophies and ethos of care we want in our service areas and made this her duty to ensure this approach is used by recruiting managers escalating the importance to the Senior Management Team.  Marie was keen for her delivery unit to utilise the guide, structure and materials developed for Nurse and HCSW’s roles within MH/LD.  Helped to organise further workshops, assisted with the delivery of training for managers, resulting in 77% of in-patient nursing managers now trained in using VBR, and all Band 2/Band 5 nursing staff will be recruited in this way from April 2018.  Further workshops and roll-out will then be planned.

She is keen to continuously improve her own skills, completing the Bronze level Quality Improvement and now continuing to Silver level, in order to continue to lead projects using the approach.

I believe that Marie goes over and above what is expected of her in her role in putting Our Values into practice.

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