Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars

Jayne Coady

I would like to nominate this unique individual Jayne Coady for the category of Working together for our patients.

For the last 20 years Jayne has been the foundation to Ward F, and immense character with so much patient centred care and compassion.

For the patients she makes the time on the ward bearable and for the relatives she makes their time easier. She will stay beyond her shift to go that extra mile and colour a patient’s hair or put curlers in to make the patient feel better in themselves. She will massage a patients fore head if they have a head ache or just sit and spend time with patients and their relatives.

She gives on-going support to both parties and this is shown on the personal Patient choice awards Jayne has received and also the Thank you cards relatives and patients have sent.

Over the long time Jayne has worked on ward F she has seen many changes. She adapts well to these changes and embraces every new challenge to improve the care standard for our patients.

Through these changes there was opportunity for Jayne to apply for a band 3 role within stroke which she successfully secured. 

Based on personal and team feedback as well as numerous formal and informal feedback from the patients and relatives it is abundantly evident that Jayne Coady has made outstanding contribution to care of stroke survivors and their families in the newly developed band 3 nursing role. She will go the extra mile to not only provide the clinical but also the emotional and psychological support to our stroke patients, she puts them at ease and ‘brightens up their day’ as well as stay in the hospital setting. She goes beyond her prescribed commitments to support nursing students, colleagues as well as senior nurses on the ward.

She has grown into the role of providing immense support to families of stroke patients who are approaching end of life. All of the above has resulted in higher patient and relative satisfaction levels as evidence by the feedback.

She also has been a valuable support to the TIA (minor stroke) ambulatory service by providing nursing care/support in order to release the stroke co-ordinators time, which can then be utilised to care for emergency stroke patients in Emergency department.

On a number of occasions, she has highlighted unmet needs for patients and relatives as well as providing potential solutions to improve care.

Jayne in her newly developed band 3 role has improved the care of thrombolysis/acute stroke patients by expediting the transfer to stroke unit and providing post thrombolysis care on stroke unit which means that patients are looked after in the specialist area as well as improved flow in ED.

The above mentioned work has not only improved care of stroke patients but also helped to improve flow through the hospital.

It is very hard to put into word how lucky we are to have such a special person working on our team. No words can fully describe the dedication she shows at all times and the impact she has on our patient’s lives.

All of the above clearly link in with the core values of caring for each other, working together and always improving.

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