Health and Care’s Top 70 Stars

Derwen Ward Staff

The reason for this nomination is that as a team we went above and beyond all expectations to reunite a patient with their family who relocated to Edinburgh from Swansea.

Derwen ward is a 20 bedded assessment male unit within Ysbryd Y Coed.  We care for older adults suffering from organic mental health conditions such as Dementia. 

The patient had a diagnosis of Dementia, their assessment had been complete on the ward, and interventions were showing good therapeutic outcomes for the patient. As part of the discharge planning, involvement from the family (his children) needed to include discussions and emails to them living in Scotland. During the admission, the patient’s wife had also moved to Edinburgh to be closer to their children.

Family involvement and commitment is an integral part of the discharge process, however the distance was proving difficult in adopting our usual methods of discharge planning; visiting prospective placements and being involved in the new care provides assessments and referral criteria.   

In order to overcome the challenge set by this barrier, the clinical lead who was supported by service managers and the ward manager spent a vast majority of time and effort contacting over 300 nursing homes in Edinburgh in order to identify a care setting that would be best suited to meet the patient’s needs.

After months of continual communications and liaising with care settings in Edinburgh a care setting was identified.  Funding was sought and was now in place, and discharge planning was well under way.  2 members of staff from the ward offered and escorted the patient to Edinburgh with assistance from ambulance transport services.  This journey took over 9 hours in a car one way with scheduled breaks.  This in itself came with its risks and discussions were held by the team in order for robust risk management and contingency plans were put in place. But, positively all proved to be well thought out and positive outcomes achieved.   

The gentleman was reunited with his wife on valentine’s day this year. Which was felt to be a poignant factor in this nomination.  The ward supported the patient and purchased a valentines card and gift on behalf of the gentleman, so that he could give to his wife when they reunited. The wife was very grateful for this and expressed in a letter to the ward her upmost appreciation in this very thoughtful gesture.

This I feel was an exemplary effort by all that were involved, it is evident that the outcome shows how the team put the needs of the patient and his family first before the organisation was achieved here.  Thus, demonstrating all of the trusts values and behaviours.

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